Environmental Properties

Calcium silicate distinguishes itself in many ways by its excellent properties in relation to indoor and outdoor environments. Due to the use of natural raw materials calcium silicate does not emit noxious substances and has negligible content of radioactive constituents.

The raw materials, sand and limestone, are abundant and use only limited quantities of the earth's crust.

By its nature calcium silicate acts as a buffer to heat and it can absorb water vapour from air with high relative humidity. At low humidity conditions this absorbed water is released as vapour back to the surrounding air. In this way calcium silicate contributes to comfortable and healthy living conditions.

Quarried calcium silicate masonry from the demolition of building can be recycled to a high degree. It is proven by tests and long experience, that quarried calcium silicate masonry can be used for road foundations, as aggregate in concrete and even for the production of new calcium silicate units.

Pictures taken from "Kalksandstein. Planung, Konstruktion, Ausf├╝hrung." ISBN 3-7640-0440-1 with kind permission of KS-Info GmbH, Entenfangweg 15, 30419 Hannover