Product Properties

Depending on the requested density and strength, calcium silicate units are either produced as solid or perforated unit. The pictures show the variety of calcium silicate products, which are all available with different densities and strengths. The dimensional tolerances are very tight, usually between ± 1,0 and 2 mm.

Calcium silicate units are laid with general purpose mortar, with a joint thickness of 8 to 15 mm. Over the last two decades also the use of thin layer mortar with calcium silicate units has become increasingly popular. The thickness of thin layer mortar joints in calcium silicate masonry is between 2 and 3 mm.

Calcium silicate units are usually white, but can be pigmented to any desired colour for architectural / aesthetic reasons. For the same reasons calcium silicate facing units with special textures are available, the usual surface being very smooth. For external applications freeze-thaw resistant qualities are available. Due to the absence of soluble salts calcium silicate units do not contribute to efflorescence.